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Harbor Freight Tool Manuals – All Known Manuals for Harbor Freight Tools (11,000+) – There are more manuals on this site than Harbor Freight has on their site
All Harbor Freight Manuals

Woodcarving for the Rest of Us
Wood Carving

Boy’s Life – neckerchief slide and outdoor building projects, lots of topics from Ben Hunt
Neckerchief Slide Articles

Boy’s Life – neckerchief slide and outdoor building projects, lots of topics from Ben Hunt
Ben Hunt Outdoor Construction Articles

Zenith Radios -Zenith vintage Radio pages added – schematics and restoration info for my radios
Ham Radio and Zenith Manuals

QRP Ham Radio – I am currently experimenting with the uBitx v5 and v6
Ham Radio and Electronics Projects

Arduino – Many ProjectS to add, mostly Monitoring and Controlling devices
Ardunio Projects

Magazine archives related to these topics – currently in the Archive – 73 Amateur Radio Today, Radio Controlled Soaring Digest, RC Modeler, and Slope Soaring News – Popular Mechanics – Boy’s Life – More to come! Magazine Article Archive

Radio Controlled Soaring Digest

73 Amateur Radio Today

Slope Soaring News

Radio Control Modeler

Radio Set Construction Articles (tube and crystal sets)

3D Printing – I am building my second Piper 3D 1v2 Printer, 1 for PLA (200×300) – 1 for PETG – 300×300, I also have 2 rebuilt monoprice – 300×300 and 400×400, 2 Enders – a 2 color 200×200 and a 300×300, 1 monoprice delta

Ubuntu – I use Ubuntu for a lot of stuff, I make engineers notes for a lot of what I do – If you are an engineer, you’ll love them, if you are a novice, not so much

Model Airplanes and Boats – Remote Controlled Planes and Boats – so many plans, so little time….

Bicycles – Riding and Repairing – I ride antique street, mountain and hybrid bikes, and I repair my own bikes

Welcome to, your ECLECTIC destination