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I have started collecting Obituaries related to Randolph County West Virginia

I currently have ~ 6K posted, and adding more everyday

I’m adding pictures when I can, and I have 1000s more I am slowly posting, by the time I am finished, I hope to have all the available obituaries from 2000 on, I’m working on obtaining all the ones from 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, but need to finish after 2000 first, it will take months…….

Obituaries as we know them today are a relatively new practice, start after WWII, obituries were more death notices then life details like they are today

I try to keep currently with the obituaries as they come out, but tend to stay just a little behind

I’m also going thru my family tree by death date and posting the obituaries, and adding a link reference to the ancestry record so I can easily reference these in the future, this were the ‘related to ‘ Randolph County comment comes in, a LOT of people in my tree have moved to other states looking for work, so expect to see a lot of out of state entries

Virtually all of the obituaries I have posted come from the funeral home announcements

Randolph County Area Obituaries Home Page


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