Daniel Kamali / TanneryNYC – Criminals?

Daniel Kamali / TanneryNYC – Criminals?

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I ordered a box of leather from TanneryNYC and did not get what I paid for, what a rip off

Daniel Kamali was the person who contacted me before the order shipped


So I started doing a little research

The address for tannerynyc is his mother’s house on long island, her 8 million dollar house – 20 Shore Dr Kings Point, NY 11024

He also used the address of his mother’s servant quarters out back of the 8 million dollar house – 18 Shore Dr Kings Point, NY 11024

Apparently his parents didn’t give him any money or teach him not to cheat people

The rest of the family?

His brother is a lot poorer than his parents, his house is only worth 3 million dollars – 30 Aldgate E Dr, Manhasset, NY – did he get money from his parents?

Is Daniel Kamali the black sheep of the family? or just one of the gang?

either way I doubt his mother brags about his ‘job’ when she is at the country club

His family has setup a company, edsim leather, I’m really not sure if its a real company or just a front for something else – it has an address – 131 W 35th St, Fl 14, New York City, New York, 10001, United States, not sure if its real or just a letter drop

edsim leather website is hosted at the same place as tannerynyc, using the same page layouts, but having a lot more errors loading and displaying

Now I’m wondering if what I ordered was legally obtained……

Have you been ripped off by Daniel Kamali? leave a comment below

Are you a member of his family, yea, don’t admit it

Daniel, is that you? suck it

Daniel Kamali / TanneryNYC – Criminals?

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