Mini-MPCNC Build Log – Cutting Conduit

Mini-MPCNC Build Log – Cutting Conduit

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Piper 1v2 Cutting Conduit
Mini-MPCNC Cutting Conduit

Cutting Conduit

5 Possible way to cut conduit

Hacksaw by hand
Metal Chop Saw
Metal Bandsaw (handheld)
Metal Bandsaw (stationary)
Angle Grinder with Cut off Wheel

For accuracy, Metal Chop Saw and Metal Bandsaw (stationary) will have the best accuracy

Accuracy with the other 3 devices will be dependent on the user’s skill level

The key point of cutting the conduit is to get it cut

I chose the Metal Chop Saw because I could clamp the conduit in the guide and cut accurately
I also cut a few pieces with a Metal Bandsaw (handheld) for comparison

Cut list for Mini-MPCNC, 200x200x200 Build Plate

MPCNC cut list is used below, if used, build area will be slightly bigger than originally intended, due to slightly smaller rollers – size will be update after the mini-MPCNC is completed

3 Rails X  = Usable Width +264mm (10.4in)

3 Rails Y  = Usable Depth +264mm (10.4in)

2 Z Rails = Usable Height + 190mm (7.5in)

4 Legs = Usable Height – 13mm (.5in)

1 Lead Screw (T8) or Allthread = Usable Height + 76mm (3in)

Table will be 6.5mm (.25in) longer in each axis direction. (30in X rail will need a 30.25in table in the X direction).

Video of Cutting the Conduit with Portable Bandsaw and Chop Saw

Cleaning Up the Cut Conduit – Lots of sharp edges left after cutting

Mini-MPCNC Build Log – Cutting Conduit

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